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Not Looking For A Sound System
This item was not purchased to be a sound system - I already have an excellent system in place.

I have been looking for an easy way to convert numerous cassette tapes to CD's and also a way to backup some favorite LPs. I found a unit that promised to do just that but was very disappointed to find that my brand new, never out of the box unit had major problems and the manufacturer would not honor their warranty.

About This Product - (CR2405D)
This is a 4-in-1 sound system featuring a Turntable, Cassette Player, CD Player and an AM/FM Radio. This unit also has software built into it to convert cassettes & vinyl into CDs. After taking the system out of the box, I plugged it in with great expectations. Unfortunately, I found that the speakers on my brand new unit did not work on any of the functions, nor did the headphone jack work or the output jacks located on the back of the unit. Also found that the programming to convert media from one source to another does not work as well. I contacted the manufacturer but they offered no assistance of any kind: their basic attitude was Not Our Problem - Good Luck.

The reason given by the CROSLEY customer service representative, the manufacturer of this product, for not standing behind their product was the item was made Exclusively for the company Hammacher Schlemmer" and that I would need to call their service rep. I did call that distributor but after being placed on hold for a full 30 minutes, the call was dropped.

O.E.M. (Original Equipment Manufacturer)
Perhaps there was a time when you walked through a large department store like J.C. Penny or Sears and saw a sound system & that system was labeled with the name of that store. This product most likely was not manufactured by that store but rather by an Q.E.M. In my case, the name of the distributor Hammacher Schlemmer does NOT appear anywhere, only the name CROSLEY. The CROSLEY name appears on the Underside Cover of the Cabinet, on the Instruction Manual, The Warranty Card and on the Carton the unit was shipped in.

When the CROSLEY Warranty is examined, one will find a page full of Disclaimers & Limitations. In other words, there is plenty of "Language" they have written into their warranty for them to justify any reason they want for not backing their product. Could the reason CROSLEY is so hesitant to back their product is it may be built with sub-standard electronic parts & careless assembly procedures? May one conclude after reading all the BAD REVIEWS written by dissatisfied purchasers of this product, that the manufacturer simply finds it easier to just avoid handling problems they created?

(I also did a random look at other CROSLEY products and found numerous BAD REVIEWS for those products as well.)

Could one also conclude that CROSLEY would rather "pass the buck" rather than take responsibility for the product they manufactured?

REVIEWS: (One of Many Actual Reviews From Dissatisfied Owners)

Dont Bother
"Had two of these. The first one was DOA - standby light turned on when plugged in, but no other buttons worked. Sent it back for a replacement. Replacement worked fine and was able to record from record and cassette. Died within a week. The standby light went out and re-plugging would not get the unit to power up. Getting a refund. This would be a good recorder if you could actually get one that works and continues to work" - KFT
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In My Opinion Buyer Beware! . . .
When a manufacturer has so little pride in a product they produce that they wont stand behind it, then this is probably a company you may want to avoid doing business with - only buy from a reputable company.